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Hemp Heaven Honorable Mention in "Eyeliner On A Cat" Blog

Raw Gaia Hemp Heaven Moisturizer 2 oz jar, $41.50 (trial size and 4 oz jars also available)Welcome to my balm-of-the-moment! Raw Gaia's Hemp Heaven moisturizer has an uncomplicated list of pure, organic and cold-pressed ingredients: cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, hemp oil, wheatgerm oil, sweet orange and lemon essential oils. Perhaps it doesn't sound too special at first sight, but don't be fooled: contained within this jar is a powerful panacea for numerous skin problems, including regular ol' dry AND oily skin.With only a little dab warmed between hands and pressed or massaged into skin, irritation is quelled, dryness is swiftly banished and all types of acne, psoriasis and eczema are battled. Each component of Hemp Heaven is prepared and combined in a way so as not to compromise the full integrity and potency of each ingredient. It is Mother Earth's healing genie-in-a-jar, and when all else fails me (which almost everything does at some point, unfortunately), Hemp Heaven is there to help patch me up again.Thankfully, this impressive UK brand is available for US customers to purchase via Wave Healing Arts

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