FREEDOM WORKSHOP in the works...stay tuned!

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FREEDOM is a 9 week Chakradance Workshop. We each travel through life having so many different experiences. Some are joyful, positive, exciting, loving and of course we will all have some painful experiences as well. It might be heartbreak, loss of a loved one, a traumatic incident. In an ideal world, when we have these experiences, we process them at the time and then we release them and grow from the experience.

But instead, what happens for many of us, in an attempt not to feel the pain, we bury the painful feelings, memories, or trauma. We trap all this unexpressed, unresolved, and unprocessed energy in our bodies, our energy fields, chakras, and our unconscious. And this is what causes the suffering in our lives ... it can show up as symptoms like anxiety, depression, addictions, the unhealthy patterns of behavior, the illnesses that we don’t understand.

Our main intention with Chakradance is to free ourselves! To safely, and gently, release this buried energy. Once we release this blocked energy, we can rediscover and embrace the fullness of who we are. We find our passion, purpose, power, truth, authenticity. We can live the lives we are meant to live.

Chakradance is a movement therapy modality. It’s a unique fusion of Jungian psychology, the chakras, dance, chakra resonant music, guided visualization, and mandala art. It is a practice where we heal dance by dance, chakra by chakra.  It’s about surrendering and finding your own free movement to release or express. There is no right or wrong way to dance.

It feels like being in a waking dream. You might start to see images in your mind’s eye or recall memories. You might have feelings surface or even feel some physical sensations. This is all surfacing for healing. It’s an organic unfoldment of what’s inside each chakra. You don’t need to analyze it. The healing is happening in the process.

If you have an imbalance in a chakra, you will get some indicators. The music may not resonate for you, your dance can feel stilted, or you might become really distracted.  There is no judgement. Just simply witness this and know that healing is happening through the practice.

Immediately after the dance, we move straight into creating a mandala art, where we pour all the energy we have just danced into a circle on the paper. Mandala is a Sanskrit word, and it means magic circle. This circle holds a healing power. We then express this energy by drawing in the circle. Your drawing may be abstract with shapes, colors, patterns or you may draw literal images that come to you, or that you saw in your dance. 


Rebecca is a certified Chakradance facilitator with training in Journeydance and many years dancing 5Rhythms! Currently creating waves with OneDance Portland and offering Chakradance & Movement & Meditation groups on the Seacoast.

Chakradance is a holistic healing movement meditation. It uses spontaneous dance to specific chakra resonant music for the purpose of healing and re-tuning your whole energy system. It’s a form of nourishment for your true self – for your soul. Moving to music specifically created to resonate with each chakra, you are guided into your own inner dance of release and re-connection. It offers a kind of liberation.