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O My Goodness,!!!

It brings tears to my eyes, How healing this session is!

Still I feel the transformation, truly renewed on so many layers.

This is the perfect type of session for the person, who gives it all to everyone else.

I had no idea how deeply this session has renewed me.

The sacred oils, with pure power of the high mountains, the fragrances that evoked memories from past lives? or walks through the forests in my youth. Who knew that my body could ring like a crystal bowl.. and that all those sacred vibrational patterns in my spine.. and the spinal fluid!

This is a great and precious gift..

Yes a Magnificent healing, renewing session, for one's self

and for Loved ones.

Thank you Thank you, I bow in all humility!

Christina RPP, Ryse, Reiki

That was amazing! Truly amazing facial and massage! Catherine


Rebecca has been a absolute pleasure to work with... Amazing energy! Highly recommend the rejuvenating facial. I'll definitely be back!! Louise

I thoroughly enjoyed my facial, can't wait to go back! Karen

I really enjoyed my 90 min massage/facial. Rebecca was very professional , always checking to make sure I was comfortable and she really was attentive to detail. Her room was cozy and comfortable. I felt really pampered and relaxed from head to toe! I hope to get back there soon. Doreen


Amazing and highly recommended! Rebecca was amazing. It was the most relaxing facial!


As we go into 2022, self-care should be on the top of your list.  I would recommend that Wave Healing Arts be part of it. My routine visits/treatments with Rebecca have made a difference for me in mind, body and overall well-being.  She has a holistic approach with techniques that offer results. Whether you choose a facial or relaxing body massage or both, you will leave feeling relaxed, revitalized and feeling good about taking care of you!

Grateful client, Kelli

I had an amazing massage and facial with Rebecca. She is very knowledgeable and skilled in her field. Her passion and empathy make your visit the perfect experience! Heather

This was fabulous- very enjoyable . Jane

"Hi Rebecca-This is Penny. I just want to let you know how much better my neck and my back feel since my massage. You have magic hands!"
I loved Wave Healing Arts, Rebecca was wonderful. I had a relaxing morning with her. She also worked with my daughter who had a wonderful experience with her. I would definitely, definitely, definitely go back to her again.  Cheryl S.
The best facial I've ever had- Rebecca has a wealth of knowledge and experience. It showed in every aspect. Wonderful, Natural, High Quality Products!!! Deveny S.
Great facial. Rebecca is great. Best facial ever! Mary J.
Really great woman and the results are amazing. Lindsey  R.
Deeply relaxing massage and energy work. Love the tuning forks! 
Becca D.


Very relaxing treatment and a fantastic facial/microdermabrasion! Michelle F.



Very relaxing, nice products, & environment. Gail D.


Great organic facial--really loved it. I am looking forward to having another facial there. Julie A.


Very relaxing facial with all natural & organic ingredients. Supriya J.


Very nice, relaxing experience! Patricia R.


Excellent massage treatment.  Will be back! Roberta B.


"Feeling Blessed!" @ Wave Healing Arts-Beth H.



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